The TechEmpower Framework Benchmarks Documentation is under constant development. If something is missing or you see an error, submit an issue or pull request here.

Documentation is written using markdown syntax and can be previewed locally using mkdocs. We use to automatically build and display documentation when anything is committed to our master branch.

You can see if the docs will properly build locally before submitting a pull request by running mkdocs serve. You can also see the error within your command line if the docs aren't building properly. If you need more information on readthedocs, see their documentation at

Contribute to the Documentation

The documentation is accessible through GitHub. If you find an error or believe something is missing, we would appreciate it if you submit an issue or pull request.

  1. Fork the documentation repository.
  2. Clone the new fork.
  3. Make additions or updates to the documentation.
  4. Optional - Use mkdocs to preview your changes
    • Run mkdocs serve in your command line. If there is an error building the docs locally, the error will be displayed within your command line.
    • Double check your changes at
  5. Submit a pull request to master at TechEmpower/TFB-Documentation.
  6. Once your pull request is accepted, the site will automatically be updated.

Quick-Start with mkdocs

  • Clone our repository
  • Run virtualenv env to create a new virtualenv
  • Run pip install -r requirements.txt to install mkdocs
  • Run mkdocs serve to preview your changes