Welcome to TechEmpower Framework Benchmarks (TFB) Documentation

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The TechEmpower Framework Benchmarks is an open source performance comparison of many web application frameworks executing fundamental tasks such as JSON serialization, database access, and server-side template composition.

For background information, see the documents linked herein about TechEmpower, the Framework Benchmarks Project, or this Documentation itself.

This documentation is organized into a few sections. Within each section we provide an overview and links to further detail.

The major sections of the documentation are:

Section Summary
Project Information General information regarding the project terminology, concepts, and project scope.
Development Guides and documents that assist with getting set up for development, adding a test or framework, and adding features to the benchmark suite.
Benchmarking Assistance getting set up to run the benchmark and running the benchmarks yourself.
Codebase See how the framework benchmarks are structured and understand the purpose of the files.
Support Get more help via FAQs or by getting in touch with the community.

Note: There are READMEs pertaining to specific test implementations that exist outside of this documentation. Each of those READMEs is located within the main project's directory structure, such as within the directories for specific languages, frameworks, and deployment script directories.