Each script directory has a README within their respective directory, which will contain specific instructions related to seting up the relevant deployment/development environment. Consult the READMEs for more detailed information.

Directory Name Summary
azure Scripts to help deploy onto Microsoft Azure
common Common-use scripts that could be used in many environments
vagrant-common The core directory for vagrant-based setups. Currently only supports deplconfiguring Linux-based environments
vagrant-aws Setup scripts for configuring Amazon such that you can use vagrant-development and vagrant-production. Also outlines Amazon-specific options, such as instance type, you can use with vagrant-development and vagrant-production
vagrant-virtualbox A readme defining all the Virtualbox-specific options you can use with vagrant-development and vagrant-production, such as amount of RAM per virtual machine
vagrant-development Sets up a development environment using a single Virtual Machine. Can use either Virtualbox (for a free, locally run virtual machine) or Amazon EC2 (for a $1/day remote virtual machine)
vagrant-production Sets up a 3-virtual machine environment in either Amazon or Virtualbox. If Amazon is used, this is intended to be an environment you could run an official TechEmpower round with. A 3-VM VirtualBox setup is mainly used to test-run in a free environment before launching into a paid environment